Tips & Resources

For optimal performance from your CELdek or GLASdek evaporative media.

To ensure years of optimal performance from your CELdek or GLASdek evaporative media, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reduce the number of on/off cycles
  • Shade the pads and sump.
  • Dry the pads completely once every 24 hours.
  • Maintain a suitable water bleed off.
  • Drain and disinfect the entire water distribution system quarterly.
  • Avoid harmful contaminants including dust, fumes, harsh cleaners and water treatment chemicals.
  • Run the recommended quantity of water over the pads.
  • Avoid dry areas on the pad.
  • Stop annoying leaks in the water distribution system.
  • Clean the water filters regularly.


Why CELdek®?

Learn about CELdek’s superior performance which sets it apart from others.

Tips for Efficiency

Increase longevity, performance, and efficiency by following a simple checklist.

Material Safety

Data Sheet specifications regarding material safety, flammability, chemical properties and preventative measures.

Scale and Dirt Control

Engineering Bulletin addressing water distribution, scale and dirt control, and proper maintenance.

Algae Prevention

An informative guide for prevention from and treatment of algae in evaporative cooling pads.

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