Cooling Media

CELdek® Media

CELdek evaporative media is made from a specially engineered cellulose paper that is chemically treated to resist deterioration. Our cross fluted, unequal angle pad design promotes the highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum cooling and humidification. This unique design also functions to continually direct more water to the air entering face of the pad, where the most intense evaporation occurs.

Why CELdek®? (PDF Download)

CELdek Features

  • High Cooling Efficiency
    • Exceptional cooling rates are achieved due to the design, manufacturing and materials used in CELdek.
  • High Face Velocity
    • The shallower angle of Munters® unequal flute design allows high velocity air to travel through the pad without water droplet carryover.
  • Self-cleaning Design
    • The steeper angle of Munters® unequal flute design flushes dirt and debris from the surface of the pad. This cleaning action directs water toward the air entering face of the pad where it is needed most.
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Simple to Maintain

Design Considerations

  • Water Distribution
    • Water flow rates vary based on the depth of the media. CELdek requires 1.5 gallons per minute of water per square foot of horizontal (top) pad surface area. For installations that have intense evaporation or pad walls taller than 72", an additional 10-20% of water should be used.
  • Supply
    • The gutter and sump should be sized to supply the system with enough water to operate at its maximum flow rate and not overflow when the system is shut down.

CELdek Options

  • Protective Edge Coating
    • MI-T-edg® algae resistant edge coating is available for all sizes of CELdek evaporative cooling media for longer pad life and easier cleaning.
  • Distribution Pads
    • CELdek is designed to distribute water from the front to the back of the pad. For lateral distribution, a 2" or 3" distribution pad should be used. These specially designed pads are also protected with Munters®' patented edge treatment.

CELdek Maintenance

  • Scale
    • Mineral deposits can be minimized by maintaining a continuous water bleed-off, or by periodically dumping the methods and/ or quantity of bleed-off may vary depending on the pH and hardness of the supply water, and Munters® can assist you by recommending individual bleed-off rates.
    • Note: Fractional timers should not be used. These timers do not enhance the performance of a cooling pad and actually contribute to the development of scale.
  • Algae
    • If algae is allowed to grow freely on a CELdek pad it may eventually clog the flutes and inhibit the flow of air. This increases the static pressure and reduces the efficiency of the pad. Algae growth can be controlled by early implementation of simple maintenance techniques. Munters® maintenance bulletins provide information to help maximize the efficiency and life of CELdek evaporative pads.

Design Specifications

  • Angles 45° and 15°
  • Base Sheet Cellulose
  • Max. Intermittent Water Temp. 130° F
  • Max. Continuous Water Temp. 100° F
  • Max. Intermittent Air Temp. 300° F
  • Max. Continuous Air Temp. 150° F
  • pH Range 6-9
  • Dry Weight 2.4 lb/ft3
  • Wet Weight 5.6 lb/ft3
  • Operating Weight 6.0 lb/ft3
  • Water Load (gpm/sq. ft) 1.5
  • Fire Rating none
  • Flame Spread Index (ASTME84) 450

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